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How to Use a Custom Polaroid Film at Festivals to Promote Your Brand?

How to Use a Custom Polaroid Film at Festivals to Promote Your Brand?

The world is slowly getting back to normal and both individuals and companies are preparing for this great comeback. Now that new festivals are coming up, it’s your opportunity to use a custom Polaroid film to promote your brand. To do this you must create a unique experience. It’s not just about photography, it’s about giving your customers something extra. Create challenges or design environments where people can have their picture taken. You will combine it with a branded instant photo so that your brand goes wherever that person takes that photo. If you do your job well, people will not only show the photo, they will also talk about the experience they had at your booth. Marketing experts consider this to be the best advertising there is.

The big question: How do you attract attention in a place full of options?

Let’s be honest, festivals are full of possibilities. You may think it can be hard to get noticed in a place like this, but it’s really all about organization and creativity. Remember that custom Polaroid film is not enough. If people wanted a picture, they would use their cell phone. A good technique is to use social media in advance to build an audience. Once at the festival, you can live stream and show what is being done. Games, challenges, prizes, the idea is to involve people in something. Then they take the branded instant photo, freezing that moment forever. Once at home, they will eventually tell others about the experience. Don’t forget to include a QR code with a web or social media link.

Use a branded instant photo featuring the festival’s theme

Companies that attract focus on giving people something they didn’t think they wanted. Henry Ford gave engines to a world that was looking for faster horses. If you want to be successful at the festival, the custom Polaroid film should be accompanied by the colors and patterns of the festival. Why? Many people tend to collect these types of photos. If you do it with the festival theme, that photograph becomes a unique, exclusive piece. If the challenge appeals and the design is creative, people will love to pose for your branded instant photo. Remember that we have just come out of hard times. People want to put all the bad stuff behind and have fun. This is the perfect time for your company to take advantage of this trend while it is still booming.… Read More..