Learning The Secrets About Hair

Learning The Secrets About Hair

Treatment Procedures Followed in Robot Hair Restoration

When you use the most advanced forms of follicular unit extraction, BSG will be able to achieve results that are both natural and permanent. The linear scarring that is seen on other methods does not happen in these results that they achieve. This procedure is specialized by a group of experts who are experienced. For these experts to get better results, they combine both robotic procedures and other regenerative medical treatment methods. Additionally, the graft is not calculated by these experts. Important areas are dealt with by these experts which enables them to meet the demands of their clients. This procedure is carried out by these experts in medical facilities that are approved. A designated area of the BSG outpost is where you will find these medical facilities.

The experts inject their patients with a few numbing doses to make the process painless. They use those numbing injections because they carry out the procedure while the patient is awake. As they are performing the surgery, the patients experience no pain such that they do other activities like listening to music. Patients are not mandated for any pain medication in their routine after the procedure. The method is carried safely such that there are no post procedure discomforts after that.

Robot hair restoration procedure that is started with an interdisciplinary plan by these experts. A clinical review by the doctors is also included in the treatment plan. They also involve one of their master barbers for a style consultation. Doctors are also help by the barbers in the aesthetic planning pattern for the new hair growth. A day before the procedure takes place, a barber is needed to perform a complimentary pre-procedure haircut. The doctors start with a detailed plan of treatment areas on the day of procedure. How the new hair will look like is known by everyone who is going to be involved in the procedure after they are put on the same page by doctors.

The doctors do the numbing therapy on the patient to reduce pain after the above step. Those pore that will accommodate the new hair is then prepared by the doctors after they are done with numbing. They use the robotic system to isolate the best quality grafts after they have prepared the pores. Later, examination of the quality grafts is done with the help of a microscope. They then enhance them with an ATP. An ATP is a cellular energy source that increases the rate of graft growth. Performance of this treatment method is done prior to placing the new hair grafts in the pores. The doctors inject the patient with platelets rich plasma injections to increase the blood flow.

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